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4. What is the best approach to manage and operate the Seaway as a productive, safe and reliable waterway in a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable manner?

almost 2 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Beagle2 over 1 year ago
    First I would compare subsidies in both Canada and the USA on all modes of transportation. Trucks have access to paid for highways for example and from that analysis level the paying field since the seaway costs are mostly absorbed by the shipping industry. Accept that we have a winter and keep the seaway closed for 3 months. Trying to use the seaway in the winter not only adds significantly to the costs but also increases safety risks. Don’t try to compete with the larger ocean vessels since the cost is prohibitive to enlarge the seaway. Be creative with the lakers and have them chain together and automate the movement of product between modes. Since the seaway mostly moves bulk product from deep inland to the sea focus on owning that market completely with a cost structure thats innovation. Also you may want to create a virtual carbon tax per mode of transportation and create incentives to go green.
  • Barlaso over 1 year ago
    In my believe...impose small fee as per tonnage of the vessel (foreign and domestic / boat, tug, barge ...only commercial.May be start with 50cents per this, revenue will be generated for the maintenance / dredging, and may be to cover some extra rising cost.Start doing it now...I know initially it will be tough!Develop a system! for the passage fee.
  • pathahead18 over 1 year ago
    When surges in Seaway Traffic occur, let he St. Lawrence Seaway Authority carry on with it's responsibilities of moving traffic; unless there is a critical problem with a vessel, other government agencies should refrain from delaying movement at these times.. Except for weather, ships should not be delayed for lack of pilots or scheduling conflicts of pilots dispatched.
  • Kirk JOnes almost 2 years ago
    adopt a "navcan" model that incorporates the Seaway with other marine services - pilotage, ice services, aids to navigation - all run by a non-profit industry lead corporation.