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2. What factors have an impact (positive or negative) on the Seaway’s ability to compete as a transportation corridor?

almost 2 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Beagle2 over 1 year ago
    More deep sea ports are appearing along not only Canada’s coast but the USA’s coast as well. The intention is to move cargo from the largest ocean ships directly to rail. The cost models I’ve read prove this to be efficient but not environmentally friendly on the rail portion. Canada is resource oriented so we must still move our product to market so more efficient ships down river are required but the up river products to Canada or the USA must compete with the deep sea ports being developed. We need to be creative by being able to completely unload/ load an Ocean vessel in a deep sea harbour with multiple automated Great Lake ships or chaining these ships to nullify the direct to rail advantage of these larger ports for inland cargo.
  • pathahead18 over 1 year ago
    Sustainability rests increasingly on water level problems that hydraulic engineers will have to solve rapidly and soon in view of the 2017 record setting water levels. Surging water levels will undermine age-old Seaway infrastructures; possibly undermining dock walls and deteriorating sluices under rapid rate and volume.The Canadian Channel lock at Sault St. Marie need to be expanded immediately to enable Canadian bulk and US bulk carriers in view of the near-major recent situation-problems of the aging Poe Lock in Sault St. Marie Michigan. A six (6) breakdown of the Poe Lock to the economies of both Canada and the United States. would be near catastrophic. Millions of workers downline to the products shipment on both sides would be affected. If the Canadian Government can give billions of dollars to the UN to be squandered by the staff of tin-pot dictators, we should certainly begin immediately the construction of 1300 ft locks on the Canadian side. Canada at the 'Canadian Channel' would then collect the tariffs. In any case, the Poe Lock would then become a back-up or vice-versa. The risk is too great to ignore and to not do anything .
  • Bruce Timms almost 2 years ago
    Several underused warfs and docks on the east side of the Welland Canal section, And the capacity to add Rail on the warf in port Colborne east side at 2nd concession.