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If you are a member of an Indigenous group, or local coastal community, how would you like response organizations to involve you in their preparedness for oil spills?

about 1 year ago

Consultation has concluded

  • RESTCOVP 12 months ago
    As mentioned in comments in the questions above, a system like the National Defence Rangers program for environmental response in regions with aboriginal populations such as the Arctic would be a good model.The Rangers have significant local knowledge with regard to their regions and an environmental community based fire service model for oil spill response could greatly benefit from this local aboriginal knowledge!
  • Marc Hudon about 1 year ago
    As a member of the Domaine du Roy and Mingan Seigneury Meti community in the Saguenay region, the community has never been approached by TC or CCG or the RO for any kind of involvment in exercices or otherwise... And as a member of the local coastal community de La Baie, Chicoutimi, I'm not aware that there has been invitations in the past to participate to local exercices, but I could be wrong. That being said, I think the RO should make sure they are doing dedicated table and on water and shoreline exercices with aboriginal community members and meti along with local communities representatives (Maybe better under the CCG community exercices). Main idea being to educate, sensitize, build confidence and make positive connections. I think that regular informations exchanges, table exercices could go a long way.
  • gonet1 about 1 year ago