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How could the certification process include the concept, that for large oil spills, the response could involve the resources of multiple Canadian response organizations and/or international sources?

about 1 year ago

Consultation has concluded

  • RESTCOVP 12 months ago
    The certification process for oil spill organizations in the fire service model would be quite different that the current system. First of all there would be a common leadership of the whole program through a Federal Department or Agency. Using the international standards for oil spill response based on risk assessment and insurance requirements for the oil industry, Canada would build a system of oil spill response based on a firm local presence throughout the country and on our coasts. Training of personnel would have to include response to actual oil spills which occur on a small scale regularly as well as regular national response trials for large spills on the east coast where drilling is on-going and in future in the Arctic should drilling be again undertaken in this region. The oil spill response personnel could also be given other roles such as environmental monitoring which is part of oil spill response and remediation. Such an initiative could enhance the social licence for oil industry activities in Canada and might even be supported by the oil industry. The on-going cost of such a program should be paid for from general revenues and not from any direct fees from the oil and gas industry. However, when an oil spill occurs the cost of cleanup should be charged to the entity creating the spill.
  • Christina Gower 12 months ago
    The oil companies should be forced to transport their own product and should be held responsible for any and all associated costs of clean up. Meanwhile, Canada should be focusing on solar, wind, and geothermal tech.
  • gonet1 about 1 year ago
    For a large bitumen spill, a single organization should be responsible, Canadian, and coordinating multiple resources.