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How can Transport Canada make the process of opening locked luggage better for air travellers?

7 months ago
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  • rsimonelli 7 months ago
    No concerns with the proposal
  • Jakin 7 months ago
    During the check-in process when bags are put on the scale and the agent puts a sticker tag on the handle, if the agent sees that the lock is not one that could be opened, they could say something to the passenger about how it might get cut.
  • tallleggs 7 months ago
    Internet posts/news/posters through out airports explaining process will all assist in order to make passengers aware that this is a process of screening that the public must be aware of. Also there will need to be clear info from CATSA as to where to collect confiscated items.The information cards MUST be placed in all opened bags so that the public is also aware that its a security process from the govt of Canada and not the responsibility of the airlines.Currently the items that are removed are incredible! We remove car batteries, lith ion batteries attached to tools, chainsaws, jugs of oil, compressed gas cylinders,camp stoves with propane canisters....etc...etc...Passengers are just unaware and use their baggage as shipping containers!The other issue is that other countries seem to allow or let go items that aren't allowed in canada. That will need to be addressed somehow.
  • colvillen 7 months ago
    Transport Canada should be transparent about searches (saying when it was searched, a simple pre-printed slip like the TSA), and take care not to damage the bags (only cut locks that need to be cut). When they cut a lock, then they should include details of the TSA Lock scheme, which they subscribe to..
  • LauraL 7 months ago
    The proposed process is the most reasonable solution and should be implemented as soon as possible.
  • jmikochgerke 7 months ago
    On behalf of WestJet, I have no concerns with the proposed process.