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How can the government build awareness to help educate people about the dangers of laser pointers?

over 1 year ago

Consultation has concluded

  • MAKThomas over 1 year ago
    1. Public service advertising2. Mandatory membership in a civic-service club if one wants to own a laser. This is like the German requirement that one must be a member of a gun club to own a gun.
  • Craig Nicholson over 1 year ago
    Public notices in newspapers and on TV would be great, though expensive. Besides, the people who would shine a laser at an aircraft for fun may not be the kind of person who pays attention to notices in the media. Actually, even a warning notice on the product box might not get through to them. It would be great if you could convince Hollywood to include in their next blockbuster movie a scene where a guy lasers an airliner which crashes and kills hundreds of people and the culprit gets life in prison. But failing that, couldn’t the government pay some talented young people to create a short YouTube movie about that and hopefully get it to go viral, plus place Facebook ads etc. about it?
    • colinchau over 1 year ago
      That would be government trying to be "cool" and "current", and young people may find that type of outreach patronizing.Also, the warnings on laser pointer boxes may actually even encourage the act. The goal should be to discourage young white males from acquiring them in the first place, especially when laser pointers may not serve any practical purpose to them. Spend that $20 on food, not a shiny object. Small minds are always going to be fascinated by small things.
    • Craig Nicholson over 1 year ago
      About the YouTube movie idea above, people like to get involved and give their own opinion. So instead of stating what fine or jail sentence the laser guy gets, ask viewers to suggest a sentence, and then share it with others, to see what sentence their friends would give.
  • colinchau over 1 year ago
    An appropriate policy response with the cooperation of municipal and provincial governments, more needs to be done to give people who don't need laser pointers to not possess them in the first place. I would leave cat owners out of this as I know they use these as toys and then post videos of their cats lunging at laser dots.First of all, we must understand what motivates people, especially young people to acquire laser pointers in the first place.1. It's "cool" and they want to shower their friends that they have one.2. Rural Canadians have limited recreational activity choices that bar them from becoming more refined individuals: barrel-rolling, axe-throwing, paintballing, etc. More has to be done to encourage them to appreciate and pursue more higher-end, even cultural pursuits so that they have sophistication to show off, not gadgets. The average demographic of laser pointer aviation offenders is disproportionately young white male, so this population should be specifically targeted for early age maturation and refinement.