3. What sort of support (if any) from Transport Canada would your organization need to complete your registration with Transportation of Dangerous Goods Client Identification Database (TDG CID), as proposed? | Transportation of Dangerous Goods Client Identification Database | Let's Talk Transportation

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3. What sort of support (if any) from Transport Canada would your organization need to complete your registration with Transportation of Dangerous Goods Client Identification Database (TDG CID), as proposed?

over 1 year ago

(Examples: guidance material, Transport Canada contact to answer questions as you complete your registration).

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  • CPCA_Rob about 1 year ago
    More clarity and detail is required from TC in order to accurately answer the questions. The backgrounder states that reporting requirements will include UN number, PSN, etc., of the "top" dangerous goods (DG) shipped and yet the term "top" is not defined. Does it refer to the Top 5? Top 10 products shipped? Is it by volume or value? Reporting is also required for "annual quantities and volumes shipped and the shipment frequency, is this from all international locations of origin for DG entering Canada or for domestic producers? Reporting requirements will also include recipient addresses when many shipments are sent to job sites, major infrastructure projects. The backgrounder references a number of exemptions and possible exclusions pertaining to flash points, combustible ranges and packaging volumes, more clarity is required to determine the application of the exemptions in order to fully ascertain the impact of the initiative in terms of additional resources required for compliance.
  • CamecoCorp about 1 year ago
    It will depend on how Transport Canada rolls out this program and how user-friendly the website provided operates. We anticipate that Transport Canada would need to invest significant resources in providing support based on our previous experience with federal government programs which have been poorly executed and have used very poorly designed website interfaces that are difficult to use.
  • jetsdude about 1 year ago
    Hi, I have many questions regarding completion of registrations.1) What would the consequences be should someone register improperly, not update their info accordingly, not register at all, etc.? Would it involve a fine? ticket? written warning? etc.2) How would TC find out if a company was not registered? Would inspectors be knocking on doors across the country? If the company does not have an ERAP or register with CANUTEC, I'm not sure how TC would even know they exist.3) How would smaller mom and pop type companies know to register? Larger companies have employees in place to track the TDG requirements but many smaller companies cannot keep up with the regulatory/CSA changes. Would they simply never be inspected? Again, would inspectors go knocking on doors to verify if a company was registered or not?4) Would registration grant a company updates via email (like the newsletter does now)? Would TC provide support to notify companies if there registration was due for renewal or updating? Or will it be the responsibility of the company to track this (my guess is most smaller companies simply won't unless it involves a significant penalty)?Thanks very much!
  • omartah about 1 year ago
    I agree with Novalert. I think guidance of what UN numbers and commodities that need to be register is required. It was stated in the proposal that special cases in Part 1 would not be required to be registered, but what about items that have an exemption from most part of regulations stated in Schedule 2? Guidance is required to know what items are required to be registered and what information is required.
  • NOVALERT about 1 year ago
    1. A guideline document associated with the CID program which maps out the details of the legislation, using examples and suggestions of methods for compliance.2. Harmonize the requirements of the CID with the US DOT's HAZMAT Registration. https://www.phmsa.dot.gov/registration/registration-overview 3. Reciprocity with other Canadian Agency's requirements. TC should meet with representatives from the NEB, Environment Canada (CEPA E2 Regulations), Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, and other government agencies, which have their own similar, yet separate registration requirements. Having one registration database which meets all requirements would avoid duplication of effort, and likely make it easier for the Government of Canada to meet its objectives with respect to public safety.4. Online registration with simple/instant updating/editing capabilities.5. Avoid registration fees.6. Allow for several facility locations under a single company/organization registration. Many companies have several locations/plants, so it would be best to allow one registration with several facilities.7. Provide threshold volumes/weights where the legislation is exempt for instances of small amounts, low risk substances, and infrequent offering/handling/transporting.8. Provide assurances of data security/privacy.
  • TDG Guy over 1 year ago
    I fully agree with the response provided to you from the individual that calls himself Big Top. Transport Canada should have & will need to provide a lot more information as to what will all be wanted to be collected in this CID in order for organizations to provide you with any exact & relevant data to assist you in understanding cost to industry , time & resources involved or what type of support Transport Canada could render to industry. Just at first envision of this CID, I see it as being a monstrous undertaking & enormous database if it will include every site that may store or ship one or 2 small items of DG's.
  • Big Top over 1 year ago
    Transport Canada would have to provide an example of the information required, level of detail and how often and how much information will be required before anyone can answer any of the questions about assistance needed and impact on businesses. Big Top Fireworks 204-668-8076