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2. How much time (e.g., weeks, months, if any) would your organization need to compile the information necessary to register with Transportation of Dangerous Goods Client Identification Database (TDG CID), as proposed?

8 months ago

* Transportation of Dangerous Goods

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  • CamecoCorp 6 months ago
    Compiling and providing the volume of information requested will take several weeks to complete and will add a significant cost to industry. It is unclear how information will help Transport Canada promote its goal of improving public safety. Instead, it appears to be “nice to have” information from Transport Canada’s perspective, the benefit of which is not offset by the burden it will impose on industry.
  • NOVALERT 7 months ago
    The steps toward initial submission is a complete research project. Resources will need to be allocated, work schedules changed, work loads changed, needs assessment and gap analysis completed, the results presented to management, edits/corrections made, Management Approval, then finally Legal approval. I would ask for 1 year's lead time minimum from the date the legislation comes into enforcement to the submission deadline.
  • TDG Guy 8 months ago
    This question is tough to answer with any degree of certainty or accuracy as it is unclear as to exactly what data is looking to be collected & if this information pertains to every possible location (i.e. Well-sites, O&G batteries, a simple storage shed on a remote temporary site that may contain 2 or 3 drums or bags of some type dangerous goods, etc.). Again, to some organizations this may be an easier task than for others. I believe Transport Canada needs to provide more specifics as to what this CID would look like & exactly what information is being sought before any precise estimates can be given as to time, resources or costs can be accurately shared with Transport Canada.
  • Jeff_F 8 months ago
    Our organization sees this as being near impossible if we are expected to be able to detail what is suggested in your FAQ, question #6. We are not a DG transporter yet nothing we do is standard, i.e. a factory to a supplier. Our company, and likely competitors, would likely require a full time person to track this info as there could be hundreds of DG movements per day if the expectation is noting every new location and providing that data to TC.thanks
  • iradzichowsky 8 months ago
    This will depend on the what the final requirements will be. Until TC outlines the actual information they are going to require a timeline cannot be understood.
  • Big Top 8 months ago
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