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2. What air travel performance data would you like to see shared publicly?

over 1 year ago

Consultation has concluded

  • craigbrown28 about 1 year ago
    Airlines must disclose the number of cancelled and/or delayed flights and state the full reason for them. Not some made up answer, but the real reason. And they must be held accountable.
  • imorenas over 1 year ago
    Publicly shared data on the number of flight delays and cancellations and reasons for those delays or cancellations.
  • Sleepy over 1 year ago
    Stats on over booked flights and passengers pushed off of planes.
  • susanweins over 1 year ago
    - To publish the number of delays and cancellations that occur due to airline operational reasons or circumstances. (not weather)- More published documents regarding the Airline policy relating to delays and cancellations compensation to passenger.- Publish policies describing guidelines by which airline employees can make judgement based rulings, they are never consistent.IE: whether a passenger who is wearing face coverings is asked to display their face for identification purposes when boarding or security issues are in question.... Not everyone is asked to produced facial identification.- make these publications easy to read and readily available to passengers
  • Liv over 1 year ago
    -number or percentage of cancelled flights-number or percentage of delayed flights-number or percentage of overbookings
  • terribly over 1 year ago
    I think a common core of airline (and terminal) performance data should be made available in an open manner. The data should be available so that application developers can integrate into ticketing and travel apps. The data should not just be airline performance data but should include data coming from terminal operators and airline contractors (e.g. baggage handling). For example, it would be very cool if all baggage could be tracked through the handling process by a users application. It is probably already tracked inside the terminal, so I cannot see why I cannot get access to the data about my bag (e.g. is it on the plane, is it in handling, is it on the carousel). And for airline data, I cannot see why a constant stream of standardized gate data cannot be made available to app developers in a usable stream format. The principle is to make the data available and actionable by consumers and in aggregate by operators and regulators so that they can identify systemic issues. Openness here can help everyone and should be a basic operating principle of any data collection. I would not allow airlines to make claims about performance data being proprietary if it can be put them in bad light: they should welcome the opportunity to compete efficiently through improved services and where data helps show where they are falling down. But the data should be sensible and allow for appropriate comparison. Comparisons between Airline A and Airline B must be fair and be compared as a percentage per passengers carried for example, or issues per 100,000 baggages carried, etc. Performance measures should be fair and understandable to consumers, and useful for compliance and assessment by airlines and regulators.