Q. Who should participate in this consultation?

    A. All Canadians, stakeholders and interest groups and communities are invited to submit their comments. Whether you live near the St. Lawrence Seaway or are interested in marine transportation, we are interested in hearing from you.

    Q. Are there other ways to share my views on the Review of the St. Lawrence Seaway?

    A. Certainly, you can share your views on the Review of the St. Lawrence Seaway at any time by sending Transport Canada an email at: TC.seawayreview-examendelavoiemaritime.TC@tc.gc.ca.

    Q. Who will see my comments and what will you use this input for?

    A. Comments submitted through the “Have Your Say” tab will be public and appear in the discussion forum. Submissions sent directly by email to Transport Canada will not be shared publicly through this consultation tool. Your input will help Transport Canada develop a renewed long-term approach for the Seaway.