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Are you interested in learning more about how Canada handles oil spill response and the role of response organizations?

about 1 year ago

a.  Yes

b.  No

Consultation has concluded

  • RESTCOVP 12 months ago
    YesA review of the current system is urgently needed. Such a review should be open and transparent and include opportunities for a broad range of participation from all sectors and regions of Canada. It should also include benchmarking our current system and any proposed new system with international practice for oil spill response.
  • Marc Hudon about 1 year ago
    Yes; and to have a clear picture of how the Regime is operating across the nation; also importantly, I think this review should address the needs of the Arctic region as it is becoming more open or accessible for all kinds of navigation purposes and industrial developments. Shoreline communities are very sensitive to the disruption of their way of life and that of natural sources. Canada must occupy it's entire sovereign territory and demonstrate it's capability all year round before other countries do it for us. This regime is to be a world leader!
  • gonet1 about 1 year ago