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After reading the framework, how do you see Proactive Vessel Management (i.e. managing local waterway traffic collaboratively) working in your region?

6 months ago

Consultation has concluded

  • davidsteen 6 months ago
    I think surveys like this are a net negative for ocean protection. After responding and writing letters for the past three years regarding the unregulated, intrusive, economically wasteful, and environmentally harmful parking of deep sea vessels in front of my house and seeing no change and getting boiler-plate blather responses from Marc Garneau, I -- and many neighbours -- are increasingly cynical. They say Ocean Protection is misnamed -- it should be Job Protection (for federal politicians and employees whose best skill is to fool the public into thinking they are actually doing something useful, such as producing slick surveys.).
  • Dr Donald Sutherland 6 months ago
    At the moment, I am not convinced that the voice and concerns of citizens living along the coast line will be part of the ongoing discussion/transparency and decision making. It seems that much more of the corporate and business side of the use of the waterways will be at the table and listened to.
  • Kevin Obermeyer 6 months ago
    As a series of "Standards of Care" or "Guidelines" jointly agreed to and overseen by MCTS.