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4. The way the pilotage system uses technology is evolving quickly. Do you view this as a challenge or an opportunity? What do you think is the best way to respond to evolving technology without compromising safety?

over 2 years ago

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  • Patrick Gates about 2 years ago
    While technology is a great AID to navigation, nothing can surpass looking out of the window, knowing your pilotage district like the back of your hand, knowing your clearing marks and speed reduction points. PPU's are great to help the pilot if the ship's equipment fails (which can be frequent), however, it takes time to set up and the pilot must be constantly aware of his situational awareness. Pilots are trained how to handle vessels in dense fog conditions with minimal / poor radar equipment.. A big asset to safety is ship to ship (pilot to pilot) communications and VTS. This was the major problem which caused the Halifax explosion of December 6th, 1917!
  • Mariner81 over 2 years ago
    Evolving technology is indeed an opportunity, however a major challenge could be the training on how to effectively use new technologies while understanding its limitations.
  • Rod60 over 2 years ago
    Technology is great, but pilots are experienced in the areas they work and can navigate using local knowledge dealing with currents, weather and any other anomalies that happen in different regions. In examinations, pilots have to navigate without radar, or any electronic aids which can be the case in real life, have clearing lines for dangers that doesn't need electronic assistance. Ships that arrive on this coast don't always have all their equipment working or even charts for the area. Radars, gyros, GPS's all break down, pilots make sure that Transport Canada is informed and any defects are fixed, and if any safety precautions are needed they are put in place. Technology is a challenge because in addition to having to know how to use the technology you have to know its limitations and be able to tell if it is not working within its parameters. Best way to respond with evolving technology is to realise this is an aid and not a replacement for looking out the window or to replace a pilot.