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2. Pilotage is a regulated monopoly, with four Crown Corporations providing the service across the country. Can you suggest other ways to deliver safe pilotage services?

over 2 years ago

The four Crown Corporations include:

  • Pacific Pilotage Authority
  • Great Lakes Pilotage Authority
  • Laurentian Pilotage Authority
  • Atlantic Pilotage Authority

Consultation has concluded

  • Paul Donahue about 2 years ago
    The PPA does and should work to meet the best needs of Canada and of the local area. The pilots know the anchorages and have no special interest which is not the what can be said of the ship owners or their agents. The agents are a problem.
  • Patrick Gates about 2 years ago
    The Four Crown corporations having a monopoly in pilotage is the safest pilotage system. If it was open to competition, the agents would play one pilot or pilotage group off against another to get the cheapest. The agents think they are doing great if they can get a concession! The cheapest is not always the best; quality, training cost money and having a monopoly on pilotage, the Authorities can select the best and invest in quality training. Small pilotage groups would not have the wherewithal to finance professional training. The US pilotage system operates differently, the Port Sea pilots are one group with a monopoly in that port and they bring the ship into the dock and then a 'dock master' boards from a tug to berth the ship. Hence, their pilotage is more expensive that the Canadian system. Having regional pilotage authorities allows for better contact and understanding of local conditions and issues. It would be a grave mistake to revert to the system before the 1972 Act which transferred the central control of pilotage from Transport Canada in Ottawa to the four Authorities. Someone had suggested that earlier, my comment is they should understand why the four Authorities were established in the first place or you will make the same mistakes again.
  • Mariner81 over 2 years ago
    I wouldn't suggest private sector to provide pilotage services. Port authorities work closely with pilotage authorities and they could play a role in delivering pilotage services.
  • Rod60 over 2 years ago
    The monopoly is the best way, if done on a competitive basis it will be a race to the bottom as agents and ship owners will always go with the cheapest as a result you will see more accidents as you see elsewhere in the world where they have tried competitive pilotage. On the West Coast it is better to have the authority here as questions, decisions that are west coast related can be dealt with quicker and with expertise from this coast. One of the benefits with dealing with a local authority is the communication you can have, and if it were back east you are also dealing with time changes and more often than not no face to face meetings.