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1. Do you think the pilotage system works as intended? What would you improve?

over 2 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Paul Donahue about 2 years ago
    We need the PPA and to my thinking it works well. What does not work well is that the shipping agent seems to have the last word on where ships are anchored. this can be a problem in small harbours close to rural communities. the PPA and the pilot should have the last say.
  • Patrick Gates about 2 years ago
    In general the Pilotage system works well. There is a consistency within the four Pilotage Authorities in their approach to pilotage as the senior management generally meet at least one a year to discuss issues and things that have worked for different situations are discussed and tried in other areas. For example, many years ago, we developed a joint form / questionnaire for dealing with requests for 'waivers' or exemptions for pilots for vessels sailing or entering a compulsory pilotage area in order for a pilot to board inside the district or disembark earlier due to inclement weather. We have to be careful in demanding all pilots carry their own PPU. The pilot still has to climb the ladder in all weathers and this is an additional weight. When helicopter transfers are universal, then it would be easier to board with a PPU in a back pack. Helicopter transfer are currently only undertake under very special circumstances - usually boarding US Navy Aircraft carriers mainly using USN helicopters. Generally, it was my observation in my time in Pilotage Administration that the owners or agents were always trying to nickel and dime the authorities and would not be prepared to pay for a transfer by helicopter. This was borne out by the vociferous protests when tariff rates had to be increased. The general public (in this case most local agents) could not grasp the concept that pilotage had to be self sufficient and that the Canadian Tax payer should not subsidize the multi-national shipping giants. Exemptions from pilotage by foreign tug and barge operators should be permanently banned, regardless of complaints from US tug boat operators on the West Coast as has been demonstrates by the recent incident in Bella Bella Sound. This has brought about the unfortunate ill advised ban on oil tankers of over 12,000dwt. It wasn't a tanker incident, but a "tug" oil spill! All modern tankers are double hulled and employ pilots....
  • Mariner81 over 2 years ago
    It does work as intended, however, consistency among the 4 pilotage authorities is needed. I would like to see improvement in:- Modern and safe pilot boats- Promote other means for pilot transfer such as Helicopters- Use of advanced portable devices to help pilots- Invest in modern tugs to assist pilots
  • Rod60 over 2 years ago
    I think it works excellently out here on the west coast and as it was intended to. The west coast has an excellent safety record which seems to be self explanatory that it is working. In general the working relationship between the PPA and BCCP is good. The pilotage examination process gets the best possible candidates and as a result the best pilots.