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Should some daytime smoke signals also be required if eVDSD are accepted?

7 months ago
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  • Slowboatin 8 months ago
    This is a tough one. If it’s a perfectly dark night, the eVDSD will perform perfectly. If it’s a foggy daytime, the smoke won’t work any better than the light. But it’s not a perfect world especially in emergencies. Smoke flares should be mandatory.
  • donlimoges 8 months ago
    The CCGA (C&A) suggests smoke flares be mandatory.
  • John Gullick 8 months ago
    At least one.
  • Jeff Evans 9 months ago
    Absolutely! Daytime distress signals are essential, specifically smoke. Their effectiveness varies greatly. As part of developing training materials, I operated both hand held and can smoke signals. The hand held had limited duration and visibility while the can smoke had significant duration and visibility. I would recommend that dye also be added to the requirements as I was very impressed with it's effectiveness and duration for air searches.
  • Marcel Simard 9 months ago
    I am divided on this one... It would depends on how visible the EVDS are in the daytime... From experience I will vouch for the usefulness of Class "D " daytime "SMOKE" distress signals.
  • jswarts 9 months ago
    No the smoke flares will be redundant and just be another disposal issue.
  • Jhinksman 9 months ago
    I think meteor flares are more hazardous than useful. I have spent hundreds of hours over 30 years on the Great Lakes and never encountered a flare firing. My only incident emergency I immediately went to the VHF radio. I did not use a flare. Much more dangerous than useful. The eVDSD is longer lasting therefore much more visible over time. You have to be looking in the direction of a flare firing to see it for only a few seconds. I have also been involved with flare collection and I was amazed at what some boaters had been keeping on their boats. We need to get these out of circulation.
  • evan gatehouse 10 months ago
    Flares during the daytime are pretty useless (personal experience with meteor types). So eVDSD (can't you come up with a better acronym) will be no worse.
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    • jmiller 10 months ago
      I disagree, flares of all types have their place. The best is the class A, however the other flares serve their individual uses. Smoke flares are good to have, but as noted in the current legislation, leave it as an option as to what type.