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Are the proposed amendments to the Navigation Safety Regulations reasonable? Why or why not?

about 1 year ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Vinessa Campbell 11 months ago
    Absolutely No to high frequency units that endanger and harm marine life. Create "Waterways" as such for large shipping vessels. MAP OUT Water Ways for all Cargo Ships. Preventing the possibility of harm to marine life.
  • lorriepierson about 1 year ago
    Section 17 Compass Inspections: I would like to propose you include the information in Annex G of ISO 25862:2009 regarding the need to adjust the compass every two years and who is allowed to carry out such adjustments. This information does not appear in the current regulations.
  • Chris B about 1 year ago
    As a commercial boat operator (I've been licensed and skipper of tour and tug boats for over 30 yrs) and a sport fishermen, I feel the AIS requirements don't go far enough. A good start is ALL commercial vessels (small zodiacs and up) should be required to have AIS within 12 months and ALL vessels that are required to carry VHF within 2 yrs. As far as ECDIS, they are great systems, but only on larger vessels.