When was the Marine Transportation Security Regulations (MTSR) last amended?

    The MTSR was last amended in 2014 to introduce amendments that respond to Canada’s international obligations, further harmonize the Canadian regulatory regime with the U.S. regime, reduce financial and regulatory compliance burden, where possible, and address interpretation issues and regulatory gaps.

    How will the MTSR be aligned with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods regime?

    Regulatory alignments will enable operators to share security plans with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods program.

    How can I submit feedback?

    We want your feedback as we advance this regulatory proposal.

    You can fill out the Marine Transportation Security Survey and submit your comments on the Lets Talk Marine Transportation Security website. We will record your comments and consider them as we develop the regulations.

    We will also publish the proposed regulations in the Canada Gazette for public comment before they come into effect.