What is fee modernization?

    “Fee modernization” is a term for Transport Canada’s project to update existing fees and create new ones. We’re doing this so we can:

    • make sure that the people who benefit from our services pay a bigger share of the costs
    • continue to support innovation and modern technologies
    • provide excellent services to Canadians

    Why is Transport Canada modernizing fees for vessel registry services?

    Most of the fees for these services have been the same for 20 years.

    A key principle underlying any cost recovery project is that the people who receive a service should pay a bigger share of the costs of the service. Modernizing the fees ensures that we are aligned with this principle.

    How much are the new fees?

    The Vessel Registry Program offers about 30 services. 

    We propose to: 

    • create a fee for renewing the registrations of large vessels
    • create fees for some services that are currently free
    • increase existing fees for some services
    • decrease or eliminate existing fees for some services
    • maintain a discount for registering groups of small vessels and fleets of small vessels but increase the fee

    The proposed fees will range from $20 to $470.

    How were the new fees set?

    We set the fees by looking at a number of things.

    First, we estimated all the direct and indirect costs of delivering the Vessel Registry Program’s services, including:

    • employee salaries and benefits
    • operating and maintenance costs
    • developing information and technology systems
    • program support, internal services, and office space

    The direct and indirect costs is the upper limit of a fee and was our starting point for setting fees. 

    Then, we considered other factors, like what other countries charge for similar services and how these fees could impact the vessel owners who use these services.

    When will Transport Canada start charging the new fees?

    We expect that the new fees will come into effect in the winter of 2023.

    Will the new fees apply to me if I register my pleasure craft in the Vessel Registry?

    Yes. Pleasure craft owners can choose to register their vessel and pay a fee to get a proof of ownership. Sometimes they do to have an approved vessel name or to make international travel easier.

    Instead of registering, pleasure craft owners can just license their vessel, which is currently free to do, but doesn’t prove ownership.

    Will the new fees apply to me if my fishing vessel is registered with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans?

    Yes. In addition to the Vessel Registration Number from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, if you use your vessels for commercial fishing, you must register them with Transport Canada to get your proof of ownership. 

    Transport Canada’s Vessel Registry is different from the registration requirements from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

    How can I submit feedback?

    As we look to modernize our fees, we want your feedback!

    You can read our fee proposal and submit your comments on the Let’s Talk Transportation website. We’ll record your comments and consider them as we develop the regulations. 

    We’ll also publish the proposed regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part I, for more feedback before they come into effect.