Mandate of the Supply Chain Task Force

The Task Force will consider the following:

  • Examine pressing supply chain congestion and fluidity issues in the Canadian and global contexts and assess the range of impacts on Canada’s economy, including on the volume and value of trade and the capacity of infrastructure assets to accommodate trends in flows;
  • Identify collaborative opportunities to support a resilient North American and global trade network and address congestion by accounting for actions taken or considered by like-minded countries;
  • Work with Canadian and international experts and partners to identify structural weaknesses, policy or regulatory impediments, and/or market power imbalances that impact competition in modal and multi-modal sectors;
  • Identify the data, technology, and mechanisms that could be scaled to improve supply chain and transportation network visibility, optimization, coordinated planning, and resiliency, as well as contract certainty and conflict resolution options; and
  • Identify areas of action/recommendations that could be directed to federal and other levels of governments, and industry, to reduce congestion and improve the fluid and predictable operation of transportation supply chains.