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Do you agree with having CATSA, rather than airlines, open locked luggage when a search is required?

7 months ago
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  • bsmith360 7 months ago
    Yes, I would trust CATSA over an airline as they would likely be held to a higher standard for their responsibility in a bag inspection. Additionally, if my bag had been opened for a secondary search, I would like to know it happened.
  • cheesecakecharlie 7 months ago
    Yes absolutely
  • rsimonelli 7 months ago
  • kyle 7 months ago
    Yes, CATSA should be dealing with all locked bags
  • Kaveh 7 months ago
    Yes, I vote for CATSA to deal with the locked luggage.
  • rami 7 months ago
    Yes, CATSA should be dealing with locked luggage.
  • kevink59 7 months ago
    Yes. It's best to streamline this process have CATSA open the bags when a search is required.
  • SOIEN 7 months ago
    Yes, CATSA should be dealing with all locked bags
  • Jakin 7 months ago
    Yes it should be CATSA
  • Adele 7 months ago
  • Jag 7 months ago
    Yes, I agree it should be done by CATSA and keeping dangerous goods removed items.
  • LR54 7 months ago
    Yes I agree
  • ac216240 7 months ago
  • dmatyvr 7 months ago
  • tallleggs 7 months ago
    I firmly believe that CATSA should be doing all the screening. That way its carried out by Canada regulations only...there will be no confusion about different airlines rules or lack thereof.
  • colvillen 7 months ago
  • mdiggens 7 months ago
    In the interest of efficiency and better guest service It would be much better to have CATSA open the locked bags. If a bag needs to be unlocked it doesn't make sense to have to wait for an Airline representative to have to open it. If the Airline representative is delayed then that could result in the luggage being delayed and missing the flight. In a matter of security and investigating what needs to be looked at in terms of what CATSA needs to examine in the bag there should be no delay at all.
  • LauraL 7 months ago
    I agree with having CATSA opening locked bags which need to be searched to be cleared. It is the most efficient way to get the bags screened without wasting time for the screeners, the bags, the airlines or the passengers.
  • Jason Odey 7 months ago
    Yes, this is consistent with TSA. Long overdue.
  • jmikochgerke 7 months ago
    On behalf of WestJet, I support this change which will allow CATSA to independently open locked luggage when a search is required. This will remove the necessity for additional individuals to be involved in this process, saving time and effort while ensuring that the security of the bag is addressed, and allowing the bag to continue on its destined flight without delay.
  • jcarpenter 7 months ago
    Absolutely. I do not trust the airlines with opening locked luggage in the slightest.
  • Kitchen 8 months ago
    CCTV must be set up in such a way it protects the Screening Officers from theft accusations, have two Officers present during openings like a private search. CATSA already has boxes of notification of search tags
  • jaybarker 8 months ago
    Yes, It makes perfect sense and is consistent with the TSA as well