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1. What is your top priority when it comes to air travel performance factors, and why? (i.e. number of overbookings, security screening wait times, airline on-time performance)

over 1 year ago

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  • craigbrown28 about 1 year ago
    The lack of customer service and "giving a damn". The airlines could care less about what delays cost their customers. When they delay flights, lose or delay your baggage, or outright and cancel flights, they do it without any consideration to the impact it has on their customers. They pretend they care, but in all honesty, after 17 years of constant flying, I have seen them at their worst.
  • Wsair over 1 year ago
  • ldeyell over 1 year ago
    Customer Services - It appears that most airline staff who are front facing are no longer happy with their jobs. This is probably a result in airlines making it difficult for travelers in recent years and therefore airline staff are tired of angry customers i.e. 1 kg over weight for a bag can cost the traveler $100.00. Airline cleanliness - I find more and more airplanes are not cleaned properly. I understand the amount of use, however health should be prioritized. Security screening is important - however with recent cut backs, there is limited staff to open lanes. i.e. There needs to be some accountability for the security screening team for passengers who miss domestic flights due to slow screening, even arriving in advance per the airlines guidelines.
  • Vishram over 1 year ago
    Lack of competition and Airline attitudes towards tax payers
  • Sleepy over 1 year ago
    Over books is a huge issue when flying to USA. In Canada my main priority is security. It causes massive delays and in larger airports becomes worse. Showing up hours before flights just to clear security on the chance there is a rush results in not being able to do anything else for the day. It’s a complete waste of time. Security plus baggage fees are becoming prohibitive for travel.
  • Lorenzo over 1 year ago
    SUPERIOR Customer Service is the most important topic,,,, and achieving that means, limited use of over-booking, airline flight time performance ( arrival and departures), baggages handling,, onboard services, , CATSA cause delays, due to just ONE personnel per team, checking on x-ray machines, TAKING LONG TIME TO CHECK ON THEIR MONITOR SCREEN (easiet job to resolve & expedite and relieve the line up). etc. etc., etc., .
  • Liv over 1 year ago
    Purchasing an airline ticket is a contract between the airline and traveller. My top priority is that airlines respect that contract: there should be no fear when I get to the airport that I might not be able to board my flight due to overbookings. If a flight is cancelled or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. weather), there should be clear direction/policy on how I will be treated, the process of rescheduling, and the process/formula for reimbursement in cases of exceptional delay or discomfort.
  • terribly over 1 year ago
    I think all of the things listed are important. It would be nice to know something about the reliability of an airline BEFORE I purchase tickets. So having aggregate information about airlines performance on a variety of metrics that allows them to be compared allows me to be a better consumer of air services (at least when there are options: that is a different issue thought). If I know that X airline is worse for overbooking than Y airline, I can be prepared and look more carefully at what protections I have including details in the tariff or getting cancellation insurance). Similarly for on-time performance. I also want to know how many complaints an airline receives on some reasonable and comparable measure, e.g. percentage of complaints as a function of an airlines total passengers carried. I also want to know about the specifics of complaints such as baggage issues encountered by airlines. If these were available as a scorecard for every airline, this helps me be a better consumer and helps set my expectations and possible planning. Things like wait times at the airport are important for day of travel experience and planning. It is useful to get a real-time stream of travel related data like flight delays, gate changes, gate notifications in general relating to my flight, security or passport or immigration control wait times (for arrivals and departures): these can all help to plan travel on the day of travel and help with planning and expectation setting. And we have the technology to make this very targetted and deliverable to people's mobile devices.